Monday, July 16, 2012

11 things i've learned from summer camp.

in no particular order...things i've learned from summer camp.

1. who needs a boyfriend when i get fancy jewelry from seven year old boys.
2. i don't do my hair as well as the seven year old girls who volunteer to do my hair every day.
3. i don't need a social life because i get to hang out with my six and seven year old friends all day. monday through friday.
4. movies at the theater are always better when you get 3 buckets of refills.
5. swimming isn't so bad when it's 102 degrees outside + humidity.
6. 7/10 times you say something it will be followed by the question "why?" by ten children under the age of ten.
7. i will never get tired of watching 'despicable me.' well, maybe i will...but it's still hilarious!
8. kids do, in fact, notice when you didn't get ready in the morning or didn't wear makeup. and they will let you know it too.
9. no matter how much sunscreen you put on a child...they will burn.
10. a one hour lunch break will never be enough time.
11. six and seven years old have about a ten minute attention span when it comes to games.

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