Tuesday, July 17, 2012

biggest fan ever.

i've been working on my collection. of what? you ask. my mary-kate and ashley olsen film collection, of course. something you may or may not know about me is that i was THE BIGGEST mary-kate and ashley fan....EVER. i read every series of their books, saw all their movies, purchased clothes from their fashion line at walmart, had both of their original barbie dolls, had their movie posters on my bedroom walls, joined their official fan club and i even did a report on them in elementary school. not to mention i tried to dress like them and got my hair cut like theirs on more than one occasion. yeah, i'd say i was borderline obsessed. i recently watched 'mary-kate and ashley's school dance party.' bad news friends. this seemingly innocent weekend movie night re-ignited my love for their movies. i have since taken it upon myself to own every one of their full-length movies. i've already found a couple at the d.i. for 50 cents-a-piece. that's a win if i ever saw one.

were you ever a mary-kate and ashley fan? what was/is your favorite film?


Christi Lynn said...

i miss those movies SO MUCH. my roommates and i were just talking about renting them.

Lauren and Carter said...

Do you still own a working VCR?? Every VCR I know of is broken with no hope of repair really.

Allison said...

Little known fun fact. Troian Bellisario who plays Spencer on Pretty Little Liars is in Billboard Dad. She plays one of their friends. I felt like you should know that.