Sunday, July 15, 2012


i've gotten a couple complaints lately about my lack of posting...i'm really going to try to be better. between full work days, institute, church callings, figuring out my schooling, applying for jobs, and countless other responsibilities i've been keeping really busy. but, just to make up a little for my disappearance here are some things i've been up to lately.

i just watched season 1 and season 2 of samantha who? in approximatley three weeks. i loved it. a lot. in fact, as soon as i finished the last episode i wanted to start the series over again because two seasons just wasn't enough. and...barry watson was on my childhood favorite on 7th heaven. good times. [both seasons are on netflix. whoot!]

i saw this movie on saturday for some family girl time and in case you're really is THAT good. i have to admit i was skeptical before. i mean really, do we need another spider-man movie? the answer is yes, yes we do.

i've been listening to my friend emily's first acoustic album. so great. check her out on reverbnation.

i went to logan for part of the weekend and spent my time with my friends emily, lizzie and amanda. playing with emily's cute puppy albus, farmers market, global village gifts [from around the world...i got a ring handmade in india for $5!], jamba juice, henna tattoos [temporary of course], rue21 at the legendary logan mall, photoshootin [see previous post], running in the pouring rain and arctic circle ice cream cones. i'd say it was a pretty great mini road trip.

what have you been up to? any fantastic summer happenings? please tell!

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