Saturday, March 19, 2011

to make you feel my love.

my sister tagged me on facebook for the itunes shuffle music game. the idea is you turn on your preferred music program of choice, turn on shuffle and press play. for each question you click the next song. if you feel so inclined you can join me in this game. happy weekend!

1} someone says "are you okay?" you say? be here...parachute
2} how would you describe yourself? the light...sara bareilles
3} what do you like in a guy? we could happen...aj rafael
4} how do you feel today? you're not as young...joshua radin
5} what is your life's purpose? over the rainbow...glee cast
6} what's your motto? kaleidescope heart...sara bareilles
7} what do your friends think of you? mean...taylor swift
8} what do your parents think of you? faithfully...glee cast
9} what do you think about very often? don't stop believing...glee cast
10} what is 2 + 2? i got you {i feel good}...james brown
11} what do you think of your best friend? the ones with the light...joshua radin
12} what is your life story? halo/walking on sunshine...glee cast
13} what do you want to be when you grow up? don't walk away...miley cyrus
14} what do you think of when you see the person you like? i gotta eyed peas
15} what will you dance to at your wedding? just haven't met you yet...michael buble
16} what will they play at your funeral? the rock and the tide...joshua radin
17}what is your hobby/interest? she is love...parachute
18} what is your biggest fear? new classic...drew seely
19} what is your biggest secret? you...michael warren
20} what do you want right now? speak...taylor swift
21} what do you think of your friends? wild at heart...gloriana
22} what is the one thing you regret? she belonged to me...joshua radin
23} how will you die? spinning wheels...angel taylor
24} if you could go back in time, what would you change? honestly...carey brothers
25} what will you post this as? to make you feel my love...kris allen

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Anonymous said...

hahaha! I love number 15 and 23! How ironic and funny! Oh. Ps. I haven't heard "She belonged to me!!!" Send it to me on facebook. Love, Brianna