Friday, March 25, 2011

fashion favorites.

i love fashion. but, not trendy, super-model fashion. classy, vintage, original, stand the test-of-time fashion. what we wear says a lot about our interests and how we feel about ourselves. here's some of my personal fashion favorites and celebrity style inspiration.


old, b&w movies
audrey hepburn.
1940's & 1950's clothing.
katherine heigl's character in life as we know it.

reese witherspoon. {i love her layers!}

zooey deschanel.


brightly painted nail polish.
brightly colored & patterned scarves. {one thing i don't have a shortage of.}
flats. love them.
cardigans. every girl must own at least one. {preferably one of each color. :)}
pleated skirts.
patterned tights. {especially with boots.}
layers, layers, layers.
pretty hair accessories.
*all images from "google images"

1 comment:

elise said...

You're brilliant. I love all of these things. Also, I want to go shopping now.

Also, I love singing in the rain. A lot.