Friday, March 18, 2011

friday happy list p.4.

do you ever feel like it's just easier being mad than trying to be happy? some days i feel that way. like it just takes so much more effort to let the negative just slide off your back, so you allow the bad stuff to take over. today was one of those days for me. i was upset and i was determined not to smile. this is true. so i took a nap and i may or may not have cried myself to sleep. but, i am convinced my heavenly father was not going to allow me to pity myself for long because when i woke up i had missed a, i went downstairs to talk to the lovely mara. we just talked for awhile about the good and the bad. it always amazes me that even when life is hard something good always turns out...eventually. needless to say my bad mood didn't last long. and then we watched steel magnolias. have you watched this movie lately? it's beautiful, which seems to make everything a little bit more manageable. life is good, even amidst the trials of life. good things are happening every day and i'm determined to enjoy it!

i am happy today because...'s the weekend. enough said.
...just watched 'steel magnolias.' nothing like a good, healthy cry.
...'there's a place for us' by carrie underwood.
...'pretty little liars' season finale on monday.
...actually making a decision. and feeling good about it.
...officially declared my major. english.
...building stronger friendships.
...frozen peaches.
...allison's spring break 2011 dvd.
...spring is on it's way!

what made you happy today {?}

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