Tuesday, February 8, 2011


you know i really should be doing homework right now. i have two papers due this week and several chapters of reading, yet somehow i have absolutely ZERO motivation to do anything important. i felt this way yesterday too. and all weekend. awesome, i think this will be a rough week! anyway, a couple days back i mentioned i was going to do a 30 day blog challenge. as it turns out i didn't even make it to the first day! well i'm starting right now.

day 1 - introduce yourself with pictures and words.

first off, if you're reading this right now there is a pretty good chance you know me decently well already. so this may be a repeat. oh well, repetition is good right? also this is a lot harder than it sounds...what about me is interesting enough to share with the world? i think my 'about me' section sums me up pretty well so i'll just work with that.

"Who am I? Believe it or not this is something I find myself asking quite often. I am just an ordinary college student trying to figure out what it is I hope to accomplish with my life. Sometimes succeeding, other times not so much. Yet, always picking myself back up. My passion is photography. I love to decorate and I'm always starting a new craft project. I could not live without music. I love all things vintage and antique. I believe everything sounds better on paper. I love to laugh and make ridiculous jokes. Life is oh so sweet."

i am currently in my third year at utah state university. from the time i was eleven until my first semester at college i wanted to study interior design. that only lasted a short while before i changed my mind. since then i have considered psychology, sociology, social work, art, graphic design, and family, consumer and human development. well, i think i finally have one picked out. english.

english works for me because i a} i always get the best grades in english courses b} i have had an obsessive{?} love of reading for as long as i can remember c}i love to write about everything and anything.

my hobbies which i am most passionate about include; writing and photography. i love photography almost more than anything else. why do i love it so much? check out my other blog.

my family is most important to me in my life. they are truly my best friends. especially these two little ones. my roommate katie used to always tease me because every time i would talk about my niece and nephew. i cry. i think they are who i miss most when i leave home to come back to school.

i have always had a love for all things creative, artsy, crafty, fashion, decorative and the list could go on. some days i wish i could just sew and craft all day! thankfully i have roommates that support my endless need to constantly redecorate the apartment on a whim. i even have specific decorations for all the holidays throughout the year.

just a few extra things about me...
*i talk in my sleep.
*i love planning weddings. {fictional ones of course!}
*i'm actually quite funny on occasion without trying to be.
*i am a diehard hopeless romantic.
*i love jillian michaels workout dvd's.
*i play the guitar and piano. although, i'm not particularly accomplished in either.
*i love crazy fun dance parties.
i think that's all for now! just because i love pictures so much, and i didn't put very many on here. here's some photo's from the iwa dance i went to last weekend.

*iwa ruth chapter.
*my beautiful roommates.
*my date russell.
*fabulous dates and roommates!

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Lauren and Carter said...

I think the dress turned out! I'm impressed you can do stuff like that. :)