Tuesday, February 8, 2011

put a bird on it.

you see this sad little hot coccoa mug?
i know, i'll put a bird on it! did you see this mug before? i didn't. now it has a bird on it!

i love 'birds on things'. so for all you crafty people out there who also think everything looks better with a bird on it. here's a delightfully hilarious video just for you! i think i have watched it at least a dozen times already.


elise said...

So, I died. Then I watched it again and died more. And I've showed people/told people to go look this video up. Love it.

Also, when we have our wedding party, maybe we can mod podge some birds onto some things?

aleisha said...

i'm so glad you liked it! i can't even tell you how many times i've watched it. just cause it makes me laugh so much! ha! ok, yes lets put some birds on things for our party!