Saturday, June 12, 2010

something old, something new

well, i finally did it, i went to an antique shop! and it was quite a success i must say. i have had a love for all things old, antique, and unique for a very long time, yet i've never actually been in an antique shop. i think this will become a regular outing for me in the near future. and to top it off mom, makayla, and i drove around logan today looking at all the historic homes. i don't know what it is about old homes, but i get so excited! weird maybe but i love it just the same. and of course my mom asked why i don't want to study interior design anymore which really got me thinking maybe that is what i should be doing. blast. sometimes i wish these important life decisions would just work themselves out. well, real life isn't that way so i guess i better get figuring that out myself. and to top it off i've started watching hgtv decorating shows again. i'm hooked. now i want to decorate everything in sight and be crafty. i think i'm getting ahead of myself! but in the meantime i'm giving a talk in church tomorrow. the first time in years, at least three years. so to put it bluntly i'm terrified. alas, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger right? maybe i should become a professional speaker! actually, no. although probably many people will think i'm weird for loving houses so much, heres some i found, that i love!

*photos from google

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