Friday, November 9, 2012

friday happy list p.51.

i am HAPPY today because...

...getting things done i've been putting off. honor of mustache movember.
...this, this, this, this and this DIY. pin crazy much?
...kelly clarkson's new song.
...this post about 'being awkward' in dating. institute class about doctrines of the gospel.
...talks with rachel and tinille.
...the right to vote. of my new quotes for life.
...this video on gratitude.

what makes YOU happy today?
[tell me in the comments!]


Stesha Jordan said...

thats a great photograph!


Unknown said...

I am married, but I loved this post so much and was so inspired, that I want to be awkward. Of course not dating other men, but dating my husband and just be awkward in living. I have always been the kind to hold back and suppress my awkward, but not anymore!!!