Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Imma rebel.

I'm a fake rebel.

Sometimes I drink Coke/Pepsi. Sometimes I sleep in late on accident and show up late to class. Sometimes I go faster than the speed limit. Sometimes I sneak a spoonful of ice cream even though I'm allergic to milk. Sometimes I dye a strip of my hair PURPLE.

Sometimes I pretend I'm a rebel. But, I'm not.


Lauren and Carter said...

They just came out and said coke/pepsi is ok to drink. And I've wanted to dye a strand of hair purple for a long time. So I'm one level below you - a wannabe fake rebel. Wild, I know.

Lily said...

That purple is so fun! I recently took the plunge and did some DIY blue ombre action, and I couldn't be happier. It's so fun to switch stuff up like that, for all the lil rebels out there!

<3 Lily

Elise Frederickson said...

Your hair rocks. Also, we are maybe the same person. One time I got pink streaks in the bottom layer of my hair and it was THE most rebellious thing I ever did. And I loved it.