Friday, June 1, 2012

friday happy list p.44.

i am HAPPY today because...

...this beautiful song. by kelly clarkson, of course.
...won two giveaways! 
...let's be honest...i love talking about dating...i love this blog post about dating.
...'playing' tennis with my family. mostly we just laugh hysterically at our inability to keep the ball in the air.
...deleted 'him' from my phone and facebook. 
...this quote about pain. thoughts exactly about texting.
...a clean room. which i don't have right now. :)
                                                            ...dr. seuss' the lorax - the movie!

                                                            what makes YOU happy today?


Steph @ Total Swillyness said...

Congrats about the deletion. I don't know who him is...but I know how hard it is to get rid of "hims"

LaynahRose said...

Hahaha! Good riddance to 'him' anyways! Ha, this list made ME happy.

Lauren and Carter said...

I liked that post about dating too. It's so totally true. I'm actually sorry about deleting 'him' - glad you're in a good place now but I'm sure there were a lot of...negative emotions, to say the least, that lead up to that. But good for you!