Monday, January 16, 2012

things i probably shouldn't confess.

i'm following in elise's lead with 'things i probably shouldn't confess...'

i have a justin bieber poster hanging on my bedroom door. and i own most of his music.

sometimes, on saturdays i sleep in way past noon. like 1 or 2 o'clock.

i once ate an entire pizza, by myself, in one sitting.

growing up - i LOVED mary-kate and ashley. i read all the books, watched all their movies & tv shows and owned their barbie dolls. i even memorized all the dialogue of their barbie commercial. word for word. in fact...i still have it memorized.
i never learned how to do cartwheels or handstands. so, i was always the one that called out, "hands up, stands up!"

i enjoy 'reality' dramas like laguna beach and the hills. seriously, people are actually like that?!

i have a unreasonable and ridiculous fear{?} of calling people on the phone. sometimes, i even hope that the person on the other end won't answer so that i can leave a message and they can call me back.

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