Friday, January 13, 2012

friday happy list p.27.

is it seriously already friday?!
i am HAPPY today because...

...week one spring semester is complete.
...avocado. best food ever.
..can you say three day weekend!?
...slippers, pj's and 'the bachelor.' drama.
...80% on my math quiz today.
...yummy scented candles.

what makes YOU happy today?


Lauren and Carter said...

...did you watch the Bachelor? Aleisha! ;)

Steph said...

Dear watch the Bachelor....congrats you have just made my list of favorite people EVER! I sometimes loathe my addiction...but then I watch an episode and it all goes away! :)

mandyface said...

Love your loves!! I'm a candle-a-holic too, I think they make up for my lack of fireplace.

aleisha said...

for better or worse...i did. both of the first two episodes. so much drama in one place!

aleisha said...

oh, that makes me so happy steph! i have to admit as much as i 'hate' it, i find it extremely entertaining! :)

aleisha said...

thank you so much mandy! haha, i completely agree. my roommate is always lighting candles and i think i'm addicted the best way possible of course. :)