Monday, October 10, 2011

over and over.

i feel like i don't really write on here as much as i used to. which in all honesty, makes me sad. i need to write more, because it makes me happy, but i feel like i say the same things over and over. never really getting anywhere. do you think that's normal? maybe i just need to be inspired by something? what would you, my lovely readers like to read about? what interests you?



Sarah Roose said...

Well, I love seeing all of the crafts because I am not gifted like that, and love the idea helpers. I think your banners are AMAZING! So, keep the crafts coming. :) I really like inspirational quotes that people come across... I also like recipes, organizational ideas, date ideas (fun things to do for dates), Holiday ideas (what to make, what to cook, what to do), and testimonies (anything you've learned about yourself or something through the Gospel). Pretty much, I like reading blogs! Does that help?

Ali said...

Oh I loved that picture!! I have it on my Pinterest too! ;)

I love just reading about people's lives ;)