Saturday, September 10, 2011

is that random enough for you?

it's a 'random' link-up at the shine project today. here's everything you never knew you wanted to know about me. : ) 

- i have camera envy. in other words, i am slightly envious of anyone with a better camera than myself.
- i love finding new, bright colors to paint my nails. in fact...any suggestions?
- i listen to rainstorm and nature sounds while i fall asleep at night.
- i have 'never been kissed.' i'm almost 22 years old.

 - see these girls up there? (there are 3 missing) i've known my entire life. some of my best memories are with them.
- i don't like big groups. i prefer small groups of people. because of this when i'm in big groups i become withdrawn and quiet.
- i like poetry. call me crazy.
- i love chips & salsa. almost as much as raspberries.

- i love me some frozen yogurt! menchies, twizl berry, tcby. it doesn't matter where it's from, i love it...better than ice cream. sshhh! don't tell anyone.
- i'm quite an emotional person so when i cry in any movie don't be too surprised. i even cried in the justin bieber movie. let's face it. i'm weird.
- my favorite tv show is 'psych.' sean + gus = the most hilarious characters ever.
- in real life you will often hear me say, 'classy' and 'cute' regardless of what i'm responding to.

what random things are there about you?


elise said...

Mmmm Froyo. Can we go to Twizzleberry?

aleisha said...

ummm, yes please! like this week...i think i'm going through withdrawls. it's been 3 weeks since i've had any!