Thursday, August 25, 2011

my space & a new project.

looking for an inexpensive way to decorate on a budget? i got these 4 pieces of cork {place mats} from ikea for $5. all i did was cover them with fabric i already had. the tree silhouettes were already on the cork so i just made leaves from the extra scraps. i'm going to hang them on my wall in my new apartment. i'm thinking an inspiration board?

on to a completely different note...

welcome to my humble abode...aka my room. remember that time i told you about how dark and depressing my room was? well, this summer i spruced it up a bit and brought in some happy colors!

i love the main piece of art in the yellow frame. my older sister drew it from a photo of me and her many years ago. it's one of my most prized possessions. my little sister did the art in the top right corner. she 'messed' up on it and decided she didn't want it, so i quickly claimed it for myself! the rest of the frames were either from the thrift store or my mom's closet. most of them were a gold color so all i did was clean them up and add a fresh coat of spray paint.

looking for easy and inexpensive art work for your home? take your own photography or children's artwork and put it in a beautiful frame. voila!

maybe you noticed my mismatched knobs on the dresser? i've been collecting random drawer knobs since my mom won't let me paint the dresser. :) i've been buying one at a time as i find them at different stores...on sale of course.

for the boxes on my shelves i just covered old shoe boxes with fabric and no-sew fabric flowers. the baskets were, of course, from the d.i.

i made this super easy-to-make garland with tissue paper flowers and some old yarn string. and of course my t-shirt quilt.

my once dark red wall is now blue! i used paint my mom already had in the garage and i may or may not have mixed a couple different blue's to get the hue of blue i wanted.

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