Saturday, May 21, 2011

color palette.

it seems i haven't posted much this month. i swear i'm trying to be better! but, i decided to move home for the summer so i moved back into my old bedroom. my room is painted a really deep red {my brother's choosing, not mine} did you know colors have different meanings and feelings associated with them? i gave a presentation on color psychology in high school and thought it was really interesting. the meaning of red signifies anger, danger, energy, and rage. hmmm...i'm thinking red isn't really the color for me. yeah? here's what i'm thinking...

yellow...comfort, liveliness, optimism, & happiness., loyalty, confidence, health, & tranquility.
gray...traditionalism and intelligence.

what do you think?

i won't be doing anything this fancy {i'm just a poor college student!}, mostly just flipping my reversible comforter to the gray side, painting my walls a less angry color {something neutral} and spray painting my frames yellow and turquoise blue but, this color scheme just makes me feel so happy!


erikA35 said...

design my house someday?

aleisha said...

ok, i'd be cool with that!