Wednesday, April 6, 2011


i don't know if it's just a general lack of inspiration lately, but the thought of writing anything out has left me entirely unmotivated. or maybe it's that i have so much to say that i can't quite focus on one thing long enough to make a coherent thought. with the end of the semester coming in less than a month i've been thinking a lot about the last year. in the last year i have had so many new and wonderful experiences. i've changed a lot, for the better i think. but, this has also been the hardest and most difficult periods of my life thus far. isn't it funny how life can be so beautiful and hard at the same time? just as you start to get comfortable for the way things are, everything changes again. life throws a trail in your path with seemingly no way to get out.

a few days ago i was going through the newspaper at work when i came across an article in the deseret news. the author tells of an experience her friend had in a trying time in her life. she was trying to find some way to comfort her friend at her time of need. she told her, "you going through this surgery is a compliment from god. he won't put you through anything that you can't handle. and, he's modeling and shaping you to become more like him. {cynthia kimball}" i know i've been taught this throughout my life, but it had never hit me quite the same as when i read it this time. it's so easy to let our trials, especially when they keep recurring over and over, overcome our strength. tear us down. but god trusts you. these trials you are going through aren't just because he knows your capable. he trusts that you will do what is right even when it is most difficult. he knows you and knows that you will overcome. it is only through our trials that we gain experience. we develop strengths that we never saw possible before.

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