Tuesday, April 12, 2011

crazy love.

i was recently introduced to mindy gledhill's music and i quickly have fallen in love with the happy and upbeat rhythms and catchy lyrics. as i was listening to this song the first time, i was reading the lyrics on the screen. as you will soon be able to tell...this is kind of a stalker ish song. but, as soon as she said, "nobody knows that i am a secret spy...your age, your address, and where in the world you came from....." things were beginning to sound all too familiar...this is what i do every single day at work!

{i do research so the "stalking" is in a slightly less creepy way of course...and i'm not really stalking anyone fyi.}

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Shayna said...

I have recently re-fallen in love with mindy gledhills music, as of yesterday, so I love that you posted this.