Wednesday, April 13, 2011


yesterday i remembered i have a creative arts final project due on friday! so, rather than come up with something new i decided to use a project i already had done this semester. not that it's anything fancy but here's my paragraph i sent in with the photos...

"For me, creative arts as an idea is being able to see the beauty that is within the world, both natural and man made for it's true potential. My project is a collage of a quote that represents this idea in my life. To be able to see beauty and appreciate it, in all forms, is what I hope to accomplish in my own life. For this project I ripped various patterns of scrapbook paper, along with various materials including; permanent marker, plastic buttons, and scrapbook paper. I love the image of the two birds singing on the tree branch. It is through enjoying the simple beauty in the world that brings me happiness. It also shows that art can be found anywhere, whether it be in performing arts, art or art found in nature and everyday life."

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