Wednesday, March 30, 2011

this adventure called life [travel]

Due to my lack of photo capturing moments as of late, my photography blog seems to be lacking in current posts. Although I haven't taken many photo's that are particularly interesting, here's some I've taken in the last month from Spring Break and a little concert I went to of a favorite musician of mine.
I love this first photo taken in one of the casino's in Las Vegas. I was playing around with different editing tools and found this one. At first I didn't like it, because it looks much too edited and fake. Then I realized it looks vaguely like a painting. Which of course I thought was awesome!
Have you ever been to Vegas? Everything there is so much more grandesque {is that a real word?} than in simple old Logan, Utah. I don't particularly care much for it, but it can at times make a decently interesting photo.

Joshua Radin Live. You can read more about this guy over on my personal blog.

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