Monday, February 21, 2011

my favorite holiday.

why is everyone so convinced that valentine's day is only for those fortunate enough to have a significant other? well, i'm convinced valentine's day is one of the greatest holidays ever, with or without a boyfriend.
this is my nephew's look of complete excitement after opening his "girl valentine" from me, to find his idol...justin beiber. who is the greatest auntie ever? yeah that's what i thought.
allison and i made valentine's for some neighbor boys. we wrote our own clever captions on them too. now where's mine?
one of the few times all of the roommates are together.

just to clarify...derek is not a roommate!

we made a delicious valentine's dinner. complete with a pizza with all the necessary toppings, sparkling cider, and heart champagne cups.

my assortment of valentine gifts from my famarama. aren't they sweet? there are few things i love more than fuzzy socks, chocolate milk, and homemade valentines.

i'm completely loving this song. we could happen.

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