Monday, February 14, 2011

for you i'd write a symphony.

day 2 - your definition of love.
so, what is love? i think love is caring about someone so much, yet knowing that even if it isn't meant to be you still want them to be happy. even if it isn't with you. love is the little things like the little 90 year old couples that still hold hands walking down the street. love is laughing at each other's stupid jokes that no one else understands. love is getting lost in the middle of nowhere and simply enjoying each other's company. love is giving up your small wants and dreams to give the other their dreams. love is talking about everything and anything. love is changing the plans you made for yourself to let them into your life. love is knowing someone's faults, not down-playing them, but realizing that just as you aren't perfect, neither are they. yet, caring about them just the same. love is, "learning through experience that service nurtures affection, adversity spawns growth, forgiveness heals, patience sweetens, and vows unite and sanctify."

i think we all have an idea of the kind of love we want to have some day. often times the ideal picture of love is what we see in the movies and novels. so, we dream up this perfect happy ending thinking that somehow it will make us happy. really though, that was just their happy ending. not yours. you have to work hard to create the happy ending...or rather, beginning. for you.
love can be shown in so many different ways, yet it often goes unsaid. always waiting for the one you love to speak up first. everyone needs to feel wanted but we're often so afraid to feel vulnerable we give up the opportunity while it is in front of us. you know when you really like someone and you think, 'well if they could just see how awesome i am, they would care about me too!' so, you wait. and wait. and wait. pretty soon you're lonely, sad, and wondering what you could have done differently. you think, 'i'll never feel this way about anyone again.' and do. and it happens all over again. then a couple broken hearts later you realize something. waiting around for someone, trying to convince them how wonderful you could be, doesn't make them love you any more. you have to find the one that is as excited to see you as you are to see them. find the one who smiles when you smile. the one that makes you smile when they smile. find the one that makes you want to be a better person, yet all the while knowing that they still think you're good enough just the way you are.

i don't know much about love. but, i guess that's part of the adventure of life. you figure things out as you go. making a bunch of mistakes. but all the while still loving in the best way you know how.

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