Monday, November 22, 2010

25 things.

1. i hate it when the beautiful fall turns into winter. oh yeah and SNOW.
2. i love layering my clothes-winter, fall, spring, AND summer.
3. i love photography.
4. i enjoy writing. it's my therapy.
5. i love anything vintage or antique.
6. anything involving crafts, decorating, or organizing i love.
7. my secret wish is to be the singer in a jazz band.
8. one of the easiest ways for me to waste time is looking for new, random songwriters and bands that no one else has heard of.
9. i enjoy listening to nature sounds {like rushing water & birds chirping} when i'm stressed or falling asleep.
10. although i rarely get to do it...i love to read. but, only for fun.
11. i love color and the use of it in design & fashion.
12. my favorite accent {?} scottish
13. i love old, classic black & white movies. think, cary grant, audrey hepburn, doris day, & jimmy stewart.
14. the number one country i want to visit someday is new zealand.
15. i love bargain shopping.
16. i sleep with a fan on every night. rain or shine. winter or summer.
17. on a regular basis i talk in my sleep. and laugh-creepily. or so i've been told.
18. my absolute favorite food in the world is raspberries.
19. i love trying the new flavors of gum from the grocery store.
20. i love little bird designs on everything from pillows, wall decorations, & jewelry.
21. i love the sound of just a guitar {or piano} and someone singing. no drums or extra stuff.
22. i love children. they're easier to talk to than teenagers. {ha}
23. my favorite decades are the 40's and 50's, the clothes, music, dancing, movies, everything.
24. i am a true blooded aggie.
25. i belong to the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. i know who i am. i know god's plan.

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