Monday, September 20, 2010

show me a true blooded aggie.

this post doesn't really have any purpose or inspiration behind it. last thursday the four of us {janalee, rachel, sarah, and myself} decided to take a lovely walk to the 'a' on usu's campus and take some lovely pictures. for those who don't know the 'a' is the all-to-famous location where usu students become a 'true aggie.' translation...several times a year hundreds of eager students wait in a ridiculous long line to have a chance to stand on top of the 'a' and kiss a random stranger they could care less about. yes, it's for real. well, since this is the closest i ever hope to becoming a 'true aggie' here's some beautiful pictures to document the fun.

also this week me and my relief society presidency went on a retreat to get trained on all the excitement we get to be a part of this coming year. whoot. we had quite the fun time getting to know each other and start figuring out what we're doing!

{kelsie, shelley, aleisha, and emily} what are the odds that one of my counselors dad was my middle school science teacher?! so funny!

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Lauren and Carter said...

It doesn't have to be a random stranger! Of the 3 times I have participated in the tradition, 0 were strangers to me. :) It's fun! So I hope you do it sometime, and that these pictures are NOT the closest you get. :)