Thursday, June 3, 2010


so i was sitting here trying to think of something clever or exciting to write about. yet, my mind is drawing a ......blank.......which reminds me quite fittingly of the current state of my poor car who has become so worn out that apparently it can't exceed 15 miles an hour. you think i'm joking? i'm not. but, alas my weekend was quite extraordinary nonetheless. and of course i have some photos to share! so although my life is currently going an astounding 15 miles an hour in excitement, it's still swell! and in case you hadn't noticed a car going that slow is still moving! : )

It started with spending some quality time with the fam, hiding stuffed animal snakes in toy mailboxes and pretending to be scared while Seth bursts into hysterical laughter. Is there any sweeter sound than a child laughing? i think not.
2 kids and a Toy Story sleepingbag. yes.

That is a barbie dress on her head in case you were wondering. Her idea.

Cute Kiera. Sometimes she actually remembers who I am and wants to sit by me. So, I take a picture. : )
Some of us Bentley Girls. Always gotta take a picture!
Dollar section at Target...awesome hats! We've taken pictures with these hats before...
Saying goodbye to Chanda before she leaves on her mission! Bittersweet.
My sweet brother Greg graduated from high school! Yay! {He's the fuzzy blue walking.}
Almost 800 graduating seniors! yikes!

My younger siblings are quite the talented bunch. This is to delight your listening ears with an impromptu recording of "Today Was a Fairytale" by Taylor Swift.

Greg's rendition of "I wanna be a millionare" written for his Science class. Personally I like Greg's much better. Sorry about the sideways view. {I don't know how to change it} {Also, the background noise is kind of loud at the beginning so you have to listen closely}

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ruth said...

This was so fun to see. I love everything you said, all the pictures and the movies too.
Love, Mom