Sunday, May 30, 2010

music and lyrics

so last night i was sitting on my mom's living room floor. in the dark. midnight. listening to "she is love." i have listened to this song approximately 267 times since i bought it on i tunes for .99 cents last june. 267 times later, and still this song is at the top of my favorites list. talk about obsessed! yet apparently a great investment on my part! which kind of got me thinking about the impact music has on people. I honestly don't think there is a single person out there who doesn't like some form of music. I recently came across a quote from President George Albert Smith about music where he said,

"I wonder sometimes if we realize the importance of music. I wonder if we know that the Lord himself is concerned about it. He has given us the information that the song of praise is a prayer unto him. . . It [is] our privilege, yea, our blessing, to sing and . . .our songs should be sung in righteousness."

how amazing! i don't think anyone can ever say it as poetically, yet straight to the point as the prophets and apostles. do we realize the significance music has on even our simple day-to-day lives? i know for me personally, i almost always have music on wherever i may be. and the music i listen to has a huge impact on how i respond to situations, my confidence, and attitude. so much can come from something so small. nothing can brighten my day like a good, happy song. music has the power to influence us to want to be better, or see things in a new, more positive light. what a wonderful gift if we will only use it to our benefit! some of my "happy songs"...
  • september - earth, wind, & fire
  • brand new day - joshua radin {ok in all honesty, anything by joshua radin makes me feel happy : )}
  • hey soul sister - train
  • flowers in the window - travis
  • whenever i see your smiling face - james taylor
  • fireflies - owl city
  • you make my dreams - hall & oates
  • something special - colbie caillat
  • don't rain on my parade - lea michelle

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