Thursday, May 27, 2010

the chance to be...

Have you ever thought about what talent you would like to have if you were able to choose anything in the whole world to be good at. I have many times, and for quite a while have wanted to write music, song lyrics, you know those amazing lyrics to a song that really make you think or feel something. Well, last summer I tried it out and to be perfectly honest everything I came up with was quite lame. I put it aside for awhile, but lately I've been working on it again. Heres something I've been working on, it's still a work in progress, but I think it could be good someday...

music of my heart
playing on through my dreams
girl on a mission to fulfill what is not yet seen.
hope for the future,
memories of the past
continuing onward to find all that i lack.

but how do i find it - this thing that i lack?
as i'm pushing and pulling with all of my might
to be strengthened and hastened to the right road
on my life's path.

sometimes i know what it is that i need
yet often confused of what is expected from me
the weaknesses i'm facing
i'm daily retracing
to become all the i know i can be

even at times when i think i cannot achieve all my hopes and dreams
i'm constantly finding the strength
deep inside me as i fight for the girl
i want to be

so today is the day,
not later, not never
for me to become the woman deep inside me
just yearning for the chance to be.

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