Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love They Say.

Currently I'm sitting at home, by myself, and listening to music on Valentine's Day. Basically that sums it all up.

If I was this super organized girl that I imagine myself as, I would've written you all a lovely little Valentine's day post. Maybe I would have written something inspirational telling you what love means to me. Or maybe I would have made a list of my favorite romantic movies and the most beautiful love songs. Maybe I would have written some sappy love note to my future husband that may or may not exsist. Then again, maybe I would have taken a completely different direction and written something about the other people we love, not romantically, but just as sure. But, I'm not that instead I'm going to leave you with a song and some nice little diddies from some smart individuals who have a far better way with words then me, about all kinds of love. Because we sometimes forget that love comes to us in more ways than one.

Source: via Aleisha on Pinterest

Source: via Aleisha on Pinterest

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