Monday, January 21, 2013

Ever Enough.

I haven't posted any new music in well over two months and while no one else may care...this is not okay with me. Can we just talk for a minute about some of the music I picked for today? Yes? Okay, swell!

A Rocket to the Moon//You may or may not remember a music post I did about three years ago about these guys. Oh you don't? Then check out this video.
Did you watch it? Yeah I may have admitted, in said previous post, to my baby-crush on the lead singer. Honestly, I have no explanation. Except that I just might still have a baby-crush on him. It's fine.

Charlene Soraia//I've never heard of this girl before, but I happened to hear this song coming from the speakers while my sister was watching 'Beauty and the Beast' on CW. After she finished I proceeded to listen to this song approximately ten times in the same night. Needless to say, I love it.

Lee Brice//There is also no explanation for this one. I mean really, he's COUNTRY. Like kind of twangy country. Yeah, things weren't looking so good for him. But, he made it onto this playlist TWICE. So obviously I'm willing to overlook his countryness. He seems to hit my need for sentimental love songs in just the right spot. Who knew?

Andy Grammar//Umm...Really there's not much I can say about Andy except I really can't get enough of his lyrics. *Sigh*And when he smiles, my heart feels happy. Yep, I'm a weirdo.

Dia Frampton//I don't know anything about this girl either...but I know she's from Utah so that's cool. :) And sometimes I just need a little reminder that 'I Can't Hurry Love'.

Matt Kearney//Well, it's official Matt Kearney is on my top 10 list of all-time favorite musicians/artsists/whatever. And let's be honest, that is a hard place to get for me. I just listen to way too much music. Obviously. When I just need straight-up good music on a rough day, this is the guy I go to.

Mindy Gledhill//It's another Utahan, whoot! Let's just say she defintitley tops my lists too. And really, I just can't get enough of this song. It's just so HAPPY!

Boys Like Girls//I want to hate them, really I do. But as it turns out it just isn't possible. I mean, the bad boy image doesn't really work for me, but apparently that doesn't really translate into their music so much. These guys music always finds a way back into my life. Tattoos and all.

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Emily said...

i totes have a crush on a rocket to the moon too. and i hadn't heard this song yet! i love it!