Friday, November 16, 2012

friday happy list p.52.

even though life feels extra hard sometimes it is amazing how many WONDERFUL things i am able to experience. last night i was feeling especially lonely and i told my mom, "i wish i just didn't feel so much." because in my naive mind not feeling would mean that i wouldn't be hurting. but i realized today that without the difficult and sad feelings we wouldn't be able to experience the beautiful and extraordinary feelings. so i suppose today i am HAPPY that i get to experience life and FEEL deeply because ultimately we can't experience true happiness unless we first have experienced true sadness. i may hurt deeply at times but really that just means i can love just as deeply. and without love what have we got?

my 12 year old sister took this. she amazes me!

i am HAPPY today because...

...hazelnut coffee creamer & hot chocolate.
...big hugs.
...going to the temple.
...personal prayer time.
...when you have a friend like this.
...going to bear lake with my cousins.
...deep talks.
...when someone sincerely says they love me.
...smiles that bring me comfort.
...receiving answers from the scriptures.
...currently obsessed with this song by mindy gledhill. myself time to figure out ME.

what makes YOU happy today?

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Emily said...

i am happy because i am reading your blog! i love your blog. and you.