Tuesday, August 28, 2012

5th year freshman.

i feel like a freshman again. how long have i been in college again? oh, right this would be my fifth year. yesterday was my first day of a new semester, at a new school and a new job. at a place full of new people, new professors, new challenges, and hopefully...new blessings. i'm still in search of a new, quiet study spot and considering i know approximately five people here...new friends (though, not to replace the other ones...just add to them). i also, have ben reminded how much i dislike general education courses (i miss taking all english classes, that was the life). and the constant, annoying, flirting of freshmen girls continues to make me question the intelligence of both men and women. the commute to and from orem every day evidently gives me plenty of time to think, or in the words of the cache valley herald journal, i have plenty of time to 'mull over' the changes in my life and where i'm going, or rather where i may not be going.

in other news, i love people watching in the hall between classes. particularly when i have the pleasure of witnessing a guy ask a girl for her number...for his friend. seriously boys, ask her yourself. we're not in 6th grade anymore. and now i'm going to get myself a jamba juice and eat my lunch on the grass before climbing the hill to work.

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Lauren and Carter said...

Mull over! :) Kills me. haha. I still can't believe you're at UVU! I also love watching boys/girls interact (men/women? not always! haha) and that's hilarious you saw the friend doing the asking. Wow. I would not have given it to him! I hope this new experience will be just what you need! Good luck!