Friday, July 6, 2012

friday happy list p.46.

i kind of disappeared for a while didn't i? honestly i just haven't really felt up to posting lately. i didn't think anyone would notice either, until i got a comment on my facebook wall from emily..."remember how you haven't uploaded your blog in like, 2 weeks? yeah... you should change that." i am again. 
i am HAPPY today because...

...this blog post.
...mid-week breaks from work.
...i battle this three times a week.
                                                             ...finished paying off my car.
...this song.

what makes YOU happy today?


Elise Frederickson said...

I am so happy that you blogged again and I am also so happy that your happy list song is a David song. I LOVE that guy.

A Spinster's Dating Encyclopedia said...

Finding this blog made me happy!

-The Spinsters

A Spinster's Dating Encyclopedia