Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fading from Color to Black and White.

There you are
Fading from color to black and white
A reflection of the woman
You once were.

I didn’t know you then,
hadn’t been born.
Still I was a part of you.

A locket around your neck
Falls across your chest.
I now wear around my own.
A reminder of the past fading into the future.

Laugh and labor lines cross your face,
You wear a dress of faded jeans with pockets
Stitched with calloused hands,

The home you and Grandpa built together
Stands in the background,
Where you raised your eleven children in
And lost two more.

The scent of fresh, baking bread
Floating out onto the front porch steps.
You look to the right,
Sun streaming
Across your face.


Elisabeth Gee said...

Beautiful :)

Andrea D said...

Did you write this? It's such a lovely poem. Beautiful words :)