Monday, March 19, 2012

sometimes p.1.


i forget about an english paper i have due until 6:00 the night before.

i sleep in my missionary brothers old t-shirts.

i forget to set my alarm clock on school days and miss math class.

i put off my outrageous stacks of homework to write a blog post.

i cry when i realize my nieces & nephew will be moving across the ocean in less than a week.

i am really awkward on dates and fart at the front door, while he is still standing next to me.

i am asked by my roommate to change her facebook password so she can't get distracted from her homework.

i dance in the car, while driving and listening to michael jackson on the radio.

i forget how much i dislike the snow until i'm driving through sardine canyon in the dark with snow coming at me from every angle.

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