Saturday, December 24, 2011

must be something more.

last year i was given the opportunity to organize a sub-4-santa for two families in logan. so me and my relief society counselors announced the fundraiser constantly and nearly begged the college students in our ward for all of their spare change for weeks. honestly, i wasn't sure we would actually come up with our goal. but somehow we were able to raise every cent we had hoped to. still, the best part was still to come when we hand delivered the gifts to the families. one of the boys had asked for a bike. nothing fancy, in fact i think we ended up getting it from the local thrift store, but the look on his face when we brought the bike in? i have rarely seen anyone's face light up so bright. he hadn't asked for much. just some winter clothes and a bike. it was a single parent home living in a tiny, run-down apartment. but he was SO happy. let's be honest, i definitely had to attempt to hide some tears that started running down my face. i hadn't expected it to feel quite like this. i'm sure most of you have had the opportunity do sub-4-santa fundraisers or the angel trees. i had many times before. yet it's something so much more special when you are able to go into their home and see their gratitude and joy at such a small expression of Christlike love. i wish everyone could experience something so perfectly beautiful. sometimes when i think of all the things i wish i had, i remember that little boy and realize the true gift in not in the receiving, but in THE GIVING and the joy it brings to those who need it oh so much more than ourselves.

i hope that we are all able to remember that Christmas means so much more!


MnM said...

i've never heard that song before, but i really like it!...and can i just say how adorable your blog is? i could comment on every single post because i just love it so much! haha, you are such a great are just incredible aleisha! i hope you have a wonderful Christmas break, and i can't wait to see you again! :)

aleisha said...

it is pretty great i think too (the song i mean!)haha. thank you so much mara, you are so nice to me...always! :) bah! i miss you!