Sunday, December 4, 2011

roommate Christmas.

on friday night me and my roommates had roommate Christmas. we made an over-abundance of crepes with delicious fruit & toppings, exchanged gifts under the glow of the Christmas tree, sung joyful Christmas songs, and watched the grinch while sleeping on our mattresses in the living room. 

we are each now the proud owners of goldfish!

so i really must ask, do you have any ideas of what to name my happy little fishies? i want their names to go sean and gus, or eliza and higgins, or peter pan and wendy. you know what i mean? so please tell me your suggestions! 

and while you're thinking of some names watch this video...i love this movie!


Heidi said...

Alice and Wonderland. Completely random and one is not really a name but that's what I can give. :) I miss roommate Christmas. Yours looked like lots of fun!

aleisha said...

oh i love that idea! i don't know about the other three but i had a blast!