Friday, December 30, 2011

friday happy list p.25.

i am HAPPY today because... episodes of 'new girl' over & over & over & over again.
... airborne - trampoline arena.
...sleeping in past 10 am every day. ridiculous? maybe.
...chanda's home!
...buying a new nail polish color.
...playing with my nieces & nephew. they love me. :)

what makes YOU happy today?


Bree said...

I wish my body would remember how to sleep past 10 again! Even on my day's off I wake up no later than 8. :/

Jason said...

I just discovered New Girl and I really like it.

aleisha said...

oh no, bree that is no good! i wish i couldn't sleep in that late!

aleisha said...

seriously jason?! that makes me so happy! i seriously can't stop laughing when i watch it...that is, except when it's completely inappropriate of course.