Wednesday, December 7, 2011

dear boys p.5.

i'm a bit of a hopeless romantic, but you you already knew that! i've been catching up on some of my favorite tv shows as of late, so for today's edition of 'dear boys' i thought i would write a little note to my favorite boys. you know, just to let them know how great i think they are. 

dear pie maker,
is there anything you can't do? you bake pies,
solve murders, and bring people back to life. 
all while dating your childhood sweetheart, 
and behaving like a gentleman. always. 
can i have a piece of apple pie please? 
number 1 customer, aleisha.

dear danny boy,
you used to be a wealthy heart breaker. 
then you grew up and fell in love with your 
super nerdy assistant/best friend. you quit
your job and moved half way around the 
world just to be with her. seriously? 
do you have a brother?
hoping, aleisha.

dear mr. castle,
you're a writer that goes on frightening adventures
to catch the infamous bad guy. even though you 
try to pretend you don't care about ever getting married 
again. i know your secret. you better do something
about it real soon or imma have to tell!
your editor, aleisha.

dear prince charming,
you fight fire breathing dragons and evil witches 
to save your one true love. you may get lost 
along the way, but i think you'll figure it out in the end.
afterall, you can't replace a true love's kiss right?
believer in happy endings, aleisha.

dear shawn,
sometimes you're a bit misunderstood and let's
be often act like a ten year old boy. but, 
i'm quite fond of your pranks and hilarious antics. plus you're 
always loyal to those you love the best. if you ever want another
psych partner, i'm in! 
partner in crime (or at least solving crime), aleisha.

dear nick,
i think you're secretly my favorite. you fix up the 
apartment and sometimes even pull pranks on your 
roommates. even though you try to act all tough, you're 
actually really sweet and loyal. and even though you may not 
know it like her...a lot. no worries though, it will
all work out. 
rooting for you, aleisha.



elise @ elise's pieces said...

Oh my good gravy, this is why we're friends! I loooove me some Pie Maker and definitely some Shawn Spencer also. This dear boys post ROCKS.

ruth said...

I love your dear boys posts! You are so fun.

aleisha said...

ummm YES! psych is one of the highlights of every week for me. they never get old! thanks for doing 'dear boys' so i can rant a little every week. :)