Saturday, November 5, 2011

a little project.

ok friends, so i need your advice on a little project i just completed...

i got all the way through with making these felt flowers and putting them on the headband, when i went to try it on in the mirror. at which point i realized that the flowers are very large and seem to take up the entire side of my head. or at least that is the way it seemed to me. so i would like your opinion, are these flowers to big that they look silly? or is it just the combination of colors? other then that i really liked the way the headband turned out. and of course the best part? super easy and always!

what you'll need:
- various colors of felt {hobby lobby sells felt, 4 pieces for $1}
- needle & thread {in color of choice}
- pre-made headband {you could use the stretchy kind or hard kind, i got mine at the dollar store}
- scissors

luckily i happened to already have everything on hand, so my cost? $0. win!
so tell me...should i keep the headband and attempt to wear it, or should i give it away? 


Lauren and Carter said...

Can you take off the last layer or two of the flowers to make them a little smaller? I don't know if that would look dumb. I agree, it is a little large - but cute!

LeAhnna said...

It's ADORABLE! I might maybe make the flowers a little smaller, but that's it. It's precious.
Thanks for following my blog! :)