Wednesday, November 30, 2011

giant mess of random.

hello ya'll! aleisha here. you know, the silly girl that runs this here blog. today is mostly a giant mess of random...

first off...ill be doing this photographing december challenge over at julianna morlet's blog if you care to join in or just look at other's pretty pictures.


secondly...i happened upon a friend's 'pin' on pinterest that perfectly describes my philosophy on dating right now (and let's be honest, it isn't going to be changing any time soon).


thirdly, i painted my nails real festive and happy the other day. and i was really excited to show them off on here, but as it turns out i can't seem to figure out my point-n-shoot camera flash settings. or in other words...the pictures just plain didn't turn out. oh well. you know what else is festive? justin bieber.

and finally last of all...i've been doing some holiday decorating of the apartment the last couple days so as soon as i can i will be posting pictures! whoot!

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