Wednesday, November 16, 2011

dear boys p.4.

mary poppins was a wise woman...sorry boys.

dear jesse, joey, & danny,
you make me laugh. a lot. out loud.
too bad i'm almost done with season 4.
always, aleisha

dear cocoa man,
you braved the cold just so i could stay
warm with some hot cocoa. you're pretty swell.
always, aleisha

dear charming,
let's say me and snow white switch places for awhile.
what do you say?
always, aleisha

dear mr. full-of-himself,
all you can talk about is yourself, and tell girls what to do.
i'm not impressed.
always, aleisha

dear mr. cod,
"oh, heck no!" you are simply hilarious.
what would i do without you in my life?
always, aleisha

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elise said...

Oh my. LOVE me some Full House. Seriously.

aleisha said...

ditto! i had forgotten how great it was, sad day!