Thursday, October 20, 2011

because of you.

go ahead and blame it all on me. it's just like you to point all blame on someone else, to disregard all fault on your part. i guess you need the self-assurance more than i do. try me. i can take it. yes, you have shaken my hope, you have left my heart heavy and tired, you have torn me down to the ground, you have left me to patch up my own scars. still, you look past it all and only see your own pain and how i've done you wrong. but you only see what i choose to show you. these tears that i cry when you aren't here to see them. to you, they are a sign of weakness. you think you know me. know where i've been and who i've become. but the truth is, you don't know me at all. sure you may knock me down and step on my soul, but you will not defeat me. you will not take away my joy. i've got something stronger than anything you will ever be able to understand.

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