Tuesday, September 27, 2011

decorating with banners.

let's imagine for a second that you lived with me. weird right? well, one thing you would quickly come to find out is that i love to decorate. not just the decorating that goes up and doesn't come down until you move, but decorating for birthday's and  holiday's too. i have two very large storage bins full of holiday decorations not to mention the giant storage bin full of pictures in frames and milk glass vases for everyday decor. as of lately i've been on a banner/bunting kick. {which you have probably seen just about every where else too} here's some of the banner's i've made lately:

my favorite thing about banners is that they are super easy to make and cost little to nothing depending on if you already have scrapbook paper & string/yarn. 

in case you couldn't tell, i didn't make this last one. sshhh!

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