Friday, September 16, 2011

friday happy list p.16. why i love my major.

this edition of the friday happy list is brought to you in part by the utah state university english department.

why i love my major!

...i have the greatest professors. seriously. professors already know me by name.
...classes i actually look forward to.
...everyone is so happy and friendly.
...real life lessons taught through reading and writing.
...even the 'textbooks,' i enjoy reading.
...teachers that actually care about you as an individual.

it took me three years and two previous majors before i finally made the decision to change my major, yet again, to english. i love everything about it. i can say with absolute certainty that this is what i want to do for the rest of my life. (the english - writing part, not the school part. :) when i told a certain someone in my life i would be changing my major from social work to english, they looked at me with the most disapproving look and questioned why i would choose to do that. i'll admit that this upset me, and made me question for a second what i was doing. until i realized...this is my choice. it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks or believes. i love what i'm doing. my first three years of school, when i was trying to figure out what to study at college i always kept going back to what this person would think because of previous conversations we had. i worried so much about what they believed and how they would react that i wasn't really making the choice that was best for me. yes, i loved interior design. yes, helping others through social work is important to me. but, i was trying to please them. it wasn't until i finally made the choice that i wanted that i realized how much i had been missing. so, when you're faced with a it because you want to. because you believe in it. not because someone else tells you to. 

what makes you happy today? 

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alexis said...

good for you :) it makes a HUGE difference to get to do something you love!