Tuesday, September 13, 2011

diy glitter toes.

maybe this is just a utah thing, but have you ever seen glitter toes? you could get it done at a salon for $30 or just do it yourself for a whole lot less moolah! 

supplies you'll need...

- glitter
- clear top base coat - nail polish
- computer paper
- nail polish remover
- q-tips/cotton balls

my roommate got her glitter set with every color you could possibly want from wal-mart for about $25.


1. remove all nail polish.

2. apply top coat to nails.

3. using computer paper as base (to catch extra glitter) apply glitter color of choice.
    - this works best if you lightly tap the opening of glitter tube so glitter doesn't come out too quickly.

4. wait several minutes so glitter has time to dry.

5. repeat steps 2-4 until desired amount of glitter covers toe nails.

6. when glitter is completely dry use q-tip to remove any excess glitter from toes.

7. put extra, loose glitter back into tube to use later.

ta-da! now you have pretty glittery toes!



1 comment:

Abby said...

i love them! it's crazy that people pay $30 when you can just d.i.y. (: