Monday, August 8, 2011

i looked out the window.

i haven't posted any projects in a really long time. but, the only excuse i simply that i haven't been doing any lately. lame right? do you remember this post when i told you about my big plans to beautify an antique window? well, quite some time has past since i finished. and last month we finally hung it up in my mom's house!

as i was sanding the window down i realized i really loved the green paint that was already on the window frame so i decided to keep it. plus it took a lot less time to finish, which is always great.
once everything was clean, sanded and all the rough edges nice and smooth; i drilled the holes for the glass knobs and screwed them right into the frame. voila! mission accomplished. {the window is too high on the wall...oops!}

this was a slightly different project than what i usually do...cake decorating! i found this owl cake on pinterest and immediately LOVED it! lucky for me, my niece's family birthday party was this week so it was the perfect excuse to try it out. my sister thought we should use fruit instead of candy to make it a little bit 'healthier.' it was actually much easier than i thought it would be too. best part of all? my niece's face lit up when she saw it...which is really all i ever wanted anyway. :)

do you want to know how i made it? the ingredients? holla back and i will tell you all my secrets!

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