Monday, August 22, 2011

dear boys p.1.

dear gaston,
you may look strong and wonderful. but, you're kind of a jerk.
love always, aleisha

dear curly mustache,
you look ridiculous. see's called shaving cream. please use it.
love always, aleisha

dear boston college,
i thought you were cute. except you're a freshman, at byu. sorry but it's not gonna work.
love always, aleisha

dear will,
you can kiss me slowly.
love always, aleisha

dear toyota,
you country swing dance and always open doors for girls. i think you're sweet as a cupcake.
love always, aleisha


elise said...

Yaaaaay dear boys! I've known a few gastons in my life. Also, I'm rooting for toyota.

Allison said...

I didn't know boston college was only a freshmen! Drat!

aleisha said...

do you know who i'm talking about? from yesterday? yeah, the sweet old tour man told me. :) don't worry, i didn't ask him to tell me though.