Saturday, July 16, 2011

what's in your make-up bag.

as women we know that our make-up bag and the products inside it are necessary means of our daily routine. i mean really, do they think we look this good all the time?! 'i believe in unicorns' is doing a make-up bag must-haves link up. here's a peek into mine.

please try to ignore the fact that these pictures are pretty crappy. :)

cetaphil:} daily facial moisturizer...cetaphil is my facial go-to product. i also love the facial cleanser. it clears up my skin so fast! it even comes with spf 15.

covergirl nature luxe:} liquid foundation...i love this stuff. kind of pricey though.

elf:} bronzer...really inexpensive and adds a healthy glow to my pasty white skin tone.

mary kay:} brush...not sure what kind of brush this is, but i love it and excellent quality.

mary kay:} concealer...lasts forever! helps cover redness of dreaded pimples and ache.

mary kay:} compact & eyeshadow/cheek color...sturdy case with all your favorite colors in one place. i don't wear a lot of color on my face very often, but i love these colors. it even has a place for my little brushes and a lip gloss.

clear care:} contact solution...contacts are really hard/irritating on my eyes. this stuff makes it possible for me to wear contacts. love it!

equate:} eye makeup remover...the cheaper version of another great product, but same quality.

mary kay:} eye primer...apply to eye lid before color. creates a smooth palette and prevents creases.

rimmel london:} eye liner...inexpensive and doesn't smudge by the end of the day.

l'oreal paris:} double entended mascara...not water proof and smudges. don't love it, but it was a gift so i didn't have to pay anything!

almay:} mascara...waterproof, but still smudges! i still haven't ever found a mascara that i love. any advice?

??:} eye lash curler...not sure of the brand, but i love the way it curls my lashes.

not pictured:

elf:} brow comb & brush...just your average brow comb.

rimmel london:} eyebrow pencil...helps fill in the gaps on my eyebrows. although, i'm not very good at this technique yet. :)

now that you have seen a little inside my make-up bag what are some products that you love? any make-up tips or application techniques that you swear by? give me your best shot! i'm not a very skilled in the make-up department so any suggestions are greatly welcomed.

i hope you have great plans for the weekend!


ashley in wonderland said...

i've been dying to try an eye primer. so it really works?

Emily said...

i love revlon's mascara. it doesn't clump too much and doesn't smudge. this kind:,r:3,s:0&tx=127&ty=121

aleisha said...

oh yes! i personally like it, although sometimes it doesn't work as well as others. :)

thank you emily! i'm going to try it now!